Saturday, December 24, 2005

More Planning and Holidays

Its odd to approach the holidays here in Barcelona. Today is Christmas Eve and it doesn't feel anything like it usually does. Barcelona is certainly filled with a Christmas spirit, but its completely different. I'm used to snow, first of all, in a rural setting with big Christmas trees and fireplaces. And my family. This, unfortunately is the first year in my life I'll be spending the holidays apart from them, as they all gather in my sister's house in Atlanta. It's certainly a large concession, but will allow me to travel around Europe, so I guess for one year its worth it. Have fun in Atlanta, guys!

And as for travelling, Talia and I have bought our next round of tickets. We know we'll be in Greece through the 10th of January, visiting Athens, Delphi, Kalambaka, Meteora, Sanotrini (Thira, volcanos, etc) and maybe more. On the 10th we hop a plane from Athens to Prague, where we spend 4 nights. Then we fly from Prague to Geneva, Switzerland. We'll spend one night in Geneva, looking around a bit, then head into the Alps, going through Interlaken, Schilithorn, Gimelwald, and eventually leaving Swizterland through Zurich. We expect to spend about 5 nights in Swizterland in total, and then we'll have another 6 days or so until we need to be back in Barcelona to catch our flight back. Any suggestions?



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Merry Christmas, you two!


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