Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Greece to Prague

so, last we met Talia and I were in Meteora, enjoying some great organic wine brewed by the owner of an adorable hostel where they made our dinner over the fire in the common room where we all warmed ourselves at night. We met a wonderful Aussie named Sam with whom we became fast friends. I feel certain we'll see Sam again at some point, should we ever make it out to Australia. Another trip I guess.

From Meteora we went to Nafplio, which is in the south of Greece in the Peloponese. It is an adorable town, very sleepy at this time of year, and nothing opens until at least noon. My kind of place.

Nafplio taught us alot about Greek food. The amount of Souvlaki I had was dangerous. This is bascially just cubes of various meat grilled with spices and served with lemon juice. its delicious. I also tried some Mousaka, which is a minced meat thing with egg plant and some other things I can't quite place. I didnt care for it much. Rabbit stifado was very good (sorry thumper), as was some fish I had. Talia grew very fond of the Dolmas from a particular resteraunt (a very particularly spiced rice wrapped in wine leaves). Minus the wine leaves I liked it as well.

But there is one food that surpasses them all.

I have tasted Truth, and it tastes like Baklava.

Now, the place I grew up was small, and we certainly had no large number of greek/middle eastern/jewish bakeries, so my experience with Baklava is limited and probably unfair, but Talia has had much more than I and was equally awed by what we tasted in Nafplio. We got the baklava from a bakery that served things made exclusively of philo-dough. The baklava was flaky, many-layered, fiiillllleeeeddd with a pistachio nut mixture, and then absolutely soaked in honey. sweet sweet greek honey. It was unbeatable.

Also the greek yogurt was amazing. This aint your diet yogurt. it was really yogurt-flavored cream, served drizzled with honey.

So I guess I'm just wild about Greek honey. Mmmmm....

After nafplio we went to Athens for a night and then had an easy travel day to Prague, where we are now. we saw a bit tonight, the main bridge and such, but we got in a bit late, and so now its bed time, and we need to bundle up a bit more tomorrow, as it is absolutely FREEZING here. frightfully cold. So out come the long-johns.

The trip continues - how are you all doing!?? Comment and tell us you're all well and healthy and all that.



Anonymous Kierstn said...

Hi there you two,

I am so excited that you are in Praug! You are going to love it. In Old Town Praug go up the clock tower, go into the White Chuch with the dome....Motzart premiered a pice on the organ to the left when you walk in the door. Then the bridge that I told you about and the Cathedral (go up the tower) and the castle!

I miss you teribly and can not wait to see you so soon!

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Carla said...

Jaimie and Talia I can't believe you're in Praaagguuuee already! How exciting. I love hearing about your travels and I wish I could have experienced the baklava...such descriptions! lol I miss you both so so much and I can't wait till spring break! I start school tomorrow so wish me luck...both of you take care and continue to enjoy your travels! Much Love!

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Sammy said...

Awwww, I got a mention! I spent 4 days in Nafplio myself, i will write you an extended e-mail soon and let you know all the details. Baklava is right up there with ambrosia and nectar...food of the gods.

Keep havin a blast, no doubt we will see each other again.

All the best


9:50 PM  

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