Thursday, January 12, 2006


We've been here two days now. It's a beautiful city - definitely lives up to all the hype we've heard from various people.

Yesterday we wandered around Stare Mesto (old town) and the area around Prague Castle known as Hradcany and Mala Strana. All beautiful, full of a range of archiecture, from Baroque churches to soaring gothic spires to much more modern stuff. Astronomical clocks, giant ramparts, vaulted celings, ancient libraries, and mroe cobblestones than I could count if I tried.

Today we took to Josefov, the old Jewish quarter of the city, seeing a number of Synagogues and Jewish exhibits (including a synagogue whose interior walls were completely filled with names of Czech jews killed during the Holocaust, as well as a collection of children's drawings from a near-by concentration camp). The jewish cemetary here was very moving, thousands of hebrew-laden gravestones all crowded together, falling over, crumbled, etc. With the snow lightly falling around us coating the ground it couldn't have been more serene.

Unfortunately, while it was a bit warmer today due to the cloud cover, it also got darker much sooner. Its about 4:30 here right now and almost dark. Yay europe in the winter!! :) But one thing I will say - the lack of tourists we've experienced on our travels is marvelous.

Tomorrow brings more Prague and the day after we leave for Switzerland!



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