Monday, January 30, 2006

Talia and I are greatly enjoying our relaxation time - movies, lots of food, quality time with my dog, etc. etc.

haven't gotten around to photos yet, that'll happen soon though.

Looks like we'll be heading back to Oberlin this Friday. Packing up will be interesting, and then we get to move into our 2nd apartment of the year. First in Barcelona, Spain, and the second in Firelands Oberlin :) Thanks to Mike for tipping us off about the availability - we're very excited to have our own apartment....again. I'm not sure what I would have done if I'd been put in a dorm room after having my own place. How quickly we get spoiled with independence.

My room is an absolute pit, strewn with bits of various countries and the refuse of weeks of dirty laundry. We're slowly getting the loads done. My poor parent's washing machine, it never saw us coming.

Its proving quite difficult to re-enter the world of every-day worries and stresses. I'm getting re-acquainted with my computer and the leprechauns that have come back out to play just on schedule (for those who don't know, any electronic device I touch becomes very quickly infested with leprechauns, which wreak havoc on the innards of said electronic device, and quickly render it inoperable. Being an RCC [computer consultant] this can be quite inconvenient). Not to mention having to worry about my car again, and the insurance, driving, yada yada. a week ago I was worrying about how to fit the Alhambra and the Alcazar into the same day, as well as whether or not Talia and I would even be able to find our hostel in a city we had been walking in for maybe 10 minutes. Now classes start in 7 days and I find myself needing to adjust back very quickly. I'll probably switch back on habit and then let it all sink in slowly and subconsciously - that seems the safest route to me, I'm not sure what might happen if I confronted it all head on.

One good thing at least is my seeming immunity to East-West jet lag. I've had no trouble switching back to this time zone. Talia on the other hand...well let's say she goes to sleep hours before me and I often wake up to her poking me asking if I'm awake yet because she's bored.

ok, jet lag or no, I'm tired. goodnight.


Blogger Mark said...

Welcome home! We missed you!

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome home!
when you get back to obieland, please stop by the hall.
i've missed having the two of you as neighbors.

8:16 AM  

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