Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just a few

Things have been very busy here, what with moving into our new apartment, starting classes, seeing people, yada yada. Generally things are good - the apartment is wonderful and Talia and I are slowly getting to a point where our classes are stable and we feel more settled. We're not quite there - but we're moving in the right direction.

I'm starting to go through the thousands of photos I have from Europe, and its a slow process to be sure, but here are just a very few photos from Venice and Burano (a wonderful island off the coast of venice where they make lace and are famous for their colorful houses).


Anonymous Sam said...

Hey Jaimie, awesome photos man, it looks just stunning. Good luck getting settled, but i find that's the biggest problem of being a jetsetter is that i'm never settled. Anywhere.

Drop us a line sometime :)

Sam (Aussie)

7:10 PM  
Blogger Jaimie said...

wow man, awsome to hear from you! Where on earth are you now?

Talia's friend Becca is actually on her way to you as we speak. ass-long plane ride later she'll be in Melobourne I think.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Talia said...

Jaimie- your photos are truly beautiful. slefel.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Sammy said...

Cleaning up

It’s times like these where reason
Grabs a mop and plays the
Sun-sooted janitor of the passions:

Then a cane

and feathered hat for
The dark-corner night shift. It’s
Fun to watch the slatterns bleed
In the gutter. As Erason says:
‘Don’t pity them, they’re the rapists’.

But I can’t help look at their faces.
(Encrusted with cheap cosmetics)
Like a cesarean scar I love them
Love being raped by them
In the hope of hearing infant wails.

He shadow-bathes while I soothe them.
His rings are mirrored in their eyes.

(c) Sam Zifchak 2006

Tahls, sent becca an e-mail, so she has my details and can contact me if she wants :)

Hope all is well kids


11:25 PM  

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